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St Charles Medical Center - Bend Bargaining Unit
2500 NE Neff Rd
Bend, OR 97701
689 bargaining unit nurses represented
ONA Constituent Association 14


Executive Committee
  • Chair: David Hilderbrand (OR)
  • Vice-Chair: Michelle Hall-Ogle (CC Float)
  • Secretary: Christine Wade (MDU)
  • Treasurer: Julie Bostrom (ED)
  • Membership Chair: John Nangle (ED)
  • PNCC Chair: Angie Streeter (Medical)
  • Grievance Chair: Jonathan “Bryce” Riekkola (IMCU)
  • Member-at-Large: Judy Gage-Scott (PACU)
  • Alternate: Neysa Larson (MDU)
Grievance Committee
  • Grievance Chair: Jonathan “Bryce” Riekkola (IMCU)
Negotiating Team
  • John Nangle (ED)
  • David Hilderbrand (OR)
  • Michelle Hall-Ogle (CC Float)
  • Angie Streeter (Medical)
  • Judy Gage-Scott (PACU)
  • Jonathan “Bryce” Riekkola (IMCU)
  • Heidi Jimenez (PACU)
  • Julie Bostrom (ED)
  • Alternate: Neysa Larson (MDU)
  • Alternate: Christine Wade (MDU)


  • Angie Streeter, Chair and LMC liaison
  • Marie Barnes (CC Float)
  • Roberto Pioquinto (OR)
  • Kathy Phillips (Medical)
  • Leanna Leyes (ICU)
  • Ellen Birke (ICU)

Unit Stewards

  • Surgical: Valerie Brantley, Susie Waldron, Kerry Spinney Dianne Billingsley
  • Sageview/PES: Catherine Emick
  • PACU: Heidi Jimenez, Judy Gage-Scott, Shaunda Haines
  • RadOnc: vacant
  • PCU: Amy Timony, Lisa Husby
  • PreSurge Clinic: Maria Porter, Shelley Jones
  • Pediatrics: Vacant
  • Pre-Op Holding: Jackie Howe
  • Ortho-Neuro: Megan Hanson, Karin Thompson, Val Murray, Dani Boykin, Laurel York
  • NICU: Heather Bristol, Carrie Howe, Kirsten Chavez, Deb Worthen-Bray
  • Medical: Angie Streeter, Kathryn Phillips, Janice Hade, Aaron Kunkel, Jennifer Cain, Tammi Jo Virgil, Tracie Mattei, John Schliewe
  • MDU: Neysa Larson, Karla Toms, Christine Wade
  • OR: David Hilderbrand, Elaine Teague-Bennett, Kelly Bottarini, Michele Flowers, Tim Tucker, Jennifer Wendrow
  • IV Therapy: Eric Morton
  • Inpatient Rehab: Shannon Chambers, Christy Mann
  • IMCU: Bryce Riekkola, Jay Terry, Chris Mahl, Lorna Mulkey, Erin Hocker, Robert Carlomagno
  • ICU: Nichole Ryan, Kelly Plunkett, Lauren McCarthy, Ellen Birke, Sheena Schliep, Dalania Gastineau
  • Med-Surge Float: Pam Murphy
  • CC Float: Michelle Hall-Ogle, Melanie Lagalo, Kelli Flahaven
  • Family Birth: Alison Fields, Kathy Hudson, Katy Payne, Elizabeth Star, Kelsey Kelly, Karen Symons
  • Emergency: Julie Bostrom, Joel Hernandez, Aaron Warren, Shelley Lewis Leander, Arielle Dorman, Emily Kunkel, Gabe Hacker
  • Dialysis: vacant
  • Diagnostic: Margaret Hover
  • Cath Lab: Bruce Humphreys, Debbie Huppertz

News and Updates

St. Charles - Bend Pre-Bargaining Survey



Name E-mail Phone
Sean Brailey - Labor Relations Representative  (503) 293-0011 ext. 1327



The following contract provision outlines how to file a grievance and the grievance process specific to this bargaining unit. ONA staff or a member of the local grievance or negotiating committee should be consulted if you have questions, concerns, or need assistance filing a grievance.




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