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ONA 2013 Awards

Click on the following awards were presented at the 2013 ONA CE Conference in October 2013. ONA congratulates each winner and thanks them for the hard work and dedication they have shown throughout the years.

Rising Star Award

This award recognizes one who is relatively new to collective bargaining but has dived into the sometimes murky water to become involved and show great promise of future leadership.

Phil Zicchino, RN
Sacred Heart Medical Center
Eugene, OR

Phil has become a very active member of the Executive and Bargaining team at Sacred Heart and has excelled in his role as Bargaining Unit Chair, advocating for nurses since 2011.

During his tenure, Phil helped negotiate both the 2012 Sacred Heart Medical Center and Sacred Heart Home Care Services contracts.Phil has also become involved at the state, regional and national levels. He attended the 2013 National Federation of Nurses (NFN) Labor Academy in Washington DC. Phil has served as a delegate to the NFN Assembly and lobbied members of Congress on issues important to nurses, and he has participated in the ONA Lobby Day at the Oregon State Legislature. We thank Phil for his dedication to improving the quality of life for the nurses and the patients they serve.

Adversity Award

This award is given to a nurse member who has gone forward to success despite terrible odds.

Cindy Kistler, RN
Tuality Community Hospital
Hillsboro, OR

Cindy is the bargaining unit chair at a facility that is an open shop and discourages nurses
from joining ONA. Despite the obstacles, Cindy remains tireless in engaging her colleagues in membership drives.

And, despite having a heavy night shift schedule, Cindy is always active in taking calls from nurses. She utilizes her thorough knowledge of the Tuality contract to work proactively, keeping a positive attitude.

Cindy knows that by utilizing an interactive, non-aggressive approach as she continues to work with the hospital’s administration, relationships are improved and difficult issues are resolved.

ONA values Cindy’s many contributions, both as Chair and a member of her negotiation team.

Outstanding Local Bargaining Unit Chairperson Award

The award is presented to an individual for working to develop the local bargaining unit through a variety of activities under difficult conditions.

Katy Cooper, RN
Portland, OR

Kathy has served as the Bargaining Unit Chairperson at OHSU for three years. During that time she led the team to negotiate successful contracts in 2010 and 2013.

In the interim, Katy has concentrated her efforts on improving the infrastructure of her bargaining unit so it has a greater impact going forward. She has initiated a complete rework of the unit’s bylaws, advocated for, and recruited greater diversity within the unit, and worked tirelessly on the Grievance Committee, Labor Management Committee, Policy Advisory Committee, and Employee Benefits Councils.

Katy has also been able to develop a good rapport working with OHSU administration, including initiating one-on one-monthly meetings with the Chief Nursing

Thank you Katy, for all your contributions.

Internal Organizing Award

The award is presented to an individual who has worked to develop the local bargaining unit though activities such as membership recruitment, development of a telephone tree, fund raising, community public relations for ONA and the local bargaining unit, and for other projects which promote the bargaining unit.

Juliann Underwood, RN
Sky Lakes Medical Center
Klamath Falls, OR

Juliann is the bargaining unit chair and serves on the Grievance Committee at Sky Lakes Medical Center. She’s an operating room (OR) nurse who works diligently to improve ONA’s union voice at her facility.

Juliann is also a tireless advocate for nursing education, organizing and development at the local, state and national levels. Continually reaching out to colleagues in order to improve and educate the staffing committee at Sky Lakes Medical Center, she has created a strong, unified team.

Thank you, Juliann, for your commitment and dedication to nursing and ONA’s labor relations.​

Outstanding Grievance Chairperson Award

This award is presented to a nurse member who assists nurses in the bargaining unit to understand the rights within the contract; and effectively represents the bargaining unit nurses.

Janine Tebeau-Jemerson, RN
Multnomah County Health Department
Portland, OR

Janine has been an RN with Multnomah County for 32 years. Prior to joining the county, Janine was an army nurse, serving during the Desert Storm initiative. She works with children in the County’s school-based health centers and is currently ONA’s bargaining unit chair on the Multnomah County team.

Janine is one of our most active leaders. She has been tireless, engaging the county on any issues, regardless of applicable contract language. Over the last eight months, Janine as addressed a particularly involved issue, regarding a potentially hostile work environment at one of the county’s units. Although no contract language covers these issues, the County has great respect for Janine and has acted upon these issues, at her recommendation. They have held a number of meetings, interviewed nurses, and hired outside consultants to conduct trainings that build positive working relationships.

Thank you Janine, for your continued advocacy and support for nurses.

Outstanding Union Leader Award

This award is given to a member who through unique contributions has strengthened the local unit and provided leadership for nurses on a state and national level.

Julie Shuff, RN
Bay Area Hospital
Coos Bay, OR

June 13, 2013 marked the end of Julie Shuff’s term of office as the chair of ONA’s Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare (E&GW). ONA is grateful for Julie’s contributions and outstanding work on behalf of Oregon nurses during her multiple terms. Julie’s vision was to strengthen ONA by joining forces with the national labor movement, envisioning a new national union for nurses. She was one of the key players in writing the National
Federation of Nurses (NFN) constitution and the formation of NFN in 2008. Julie was elected as the NFN vice president through 2015 and carries out her duties with professionalism and energy, never forgetting her commitment to ONA.

Julie was integral in the affiliation agreement between NFN and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). She is immensely talented and wholly committed to the nursing profession and labor relations. Her talents and positive attitude will be missed on the cabinet. While her term as E&GW chair is over, Julie will continue to be a powerful advocate for nurses, both locally and nationally.

Thank you Julie, for everything you have done and continue to do for ONA and nurses across the country.

Outstanding PNCC Award

The Outstanding PNCC Award is given to a PNCC which has consistently worked to resolve practice problems and promote the practice of nursing in the employment setting.

Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center PNCC
Corvallis, OR

The award was accepted by Pam Gordon, RN, the chair of the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center PNCC.

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