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Union: News: 2013-05-02 St Vincent EPIC Super User Grievnace

Providence St. Vincent EPIC Super Users Grievance Updates

  • Super User Extra Shift Grievance Resolved – Claims process concluded and nurses' claims paid this month - May 2, 2013

    We have resolved the Super User grievance. Nurses will receive letters notifying them of the grievance resolution the week of March 11. Please read the details of that resolution here.

    Claims must be submitted on or before April 3, 2013. If you are submitting a claim, be sure and check your email and voice mail immediately after you submit that claim to make sure that human resources has accepted your claim and is not requesting further information.
  • Medical center proposes a resolution. Click here to read more - January 8, 2013
  • Update on EPIC Super Users Grievance (Extra Shift Premium and Consecutive Weekend Pay) - August 17
    A grievance was filed May 4 after EPIC go-live because nursing staff was unable to persuade Providence to pay Super User nurses extra shift premium on shifts they are scheduled as Super Users. Providence told us that the past practice is that during implementation of programs, nurses who agree to be trainers/tutors have not been paid the premium. Providence later agreed to pay Super User nurses the premium pay only if they provide “direct patient care,” but only if they do so for 4 or more hours.

    We requested information about why Providence believes the contract does not apply to Super Users on extra shifts and have now received all the documentation. We held a first level ("Step 1") grievance meeting on August 22 and received a letter denying the grievance from Administration. We are now working to schedule a Step 2 meeting to present our case to St. Vincent. To read the Special Update, click here

    Initially, Providence told us that nurses that worked consecutive weekend as Super Users would not be paid the consecutive weekend differential (time and one-half your base rate) either. We asked Providence if it would be willing to include this issue in the extra shift grievance, or if we needed to file a new grievance. Providence considered this issue and made the announcement that Super User nurses working consecutive weekend shifts will be paid the premium, but they will need to fill out a payroll exception form each time. To learn about the grievance process, please see Article XXI of your contract.



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