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Harney District Hospital Bargaining Unit
557 W Washington
Burns, OR 97720
23 bargaining unit nurses represented
ONA Constituent Association: Harney District Hospital CA


Executive Committee
  • Chair: Carolyn Robey
  • Vice Chair: Laura Dary
  • Secretary: Lauren Seymore
  • Treasurer: Jessica Adams
  • Grievance Chair: Lola Childress
  • Membership Chair: Christy Sanders
  • PNCC Chair: Laura Dary

Staffing Committee

  • Darbie Kemper
  • Carolyn Robey


  • Darbie Kemper
  • Laura Dary
  • Christy Sanders

Labor Representative


Constituent Association Meeting Minutes

 News and Updates


The following contract provision outlines how to file a grievance and the grievance process specific to this bargaining unit. ONA staff or a member of the local grievance or negotiating committee should be consulted if you have questions, concerns, or need assistance filing a grievance.