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Providence Milwaukie Hospital Bargaining Unit
10150 Southeast 32nd Avenue
Milwaukie, OR 97222
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119 nurses represented
ONA Constituent Association: Providence Milwaukie CA



Executive Committee
  • Chair: Alexis Keller (Resource)
  • Vice-Chair: Peggy Elia (Resource)
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Katie Nelson (PACU)
  • Grievance Chair: Maggie Schein (SPU)
  • Membership Chair: Steve Campbell (ICU)

Unit Reps

  • ICU Rep: Steve Campbell
  • SPU Rep: Maggie Schein
  • ED Rep: Marie Teela
  • Resource Rep: Alexis Keller
  • ASU/Endo Rep: Donna Abbott
  • PACU Rep: Katie Nelson
  • Med Surg Rep: Laura McLean
  • OR Rep: Open


  • Judy Lucchesi, Chair (OR)
  • Millie Kraus (ASU/Endo)
  • Brook Johnson (ER)
  • Abby Friedrich (ICU/Resource)
  • Open (Med/Surg)
  • Open (SPU)

Nursing Task Force Reps

  • Chair, Maggie Schein (SPU)
  • Alexis Keller (Resource)

Staffing Committee

  • Co-Chair, Becky Ellison (ICU)
  • Margo Fultz (Med/Surg)
  • Sherrie Bowyer (ED)
  • Craig Gillespi (OR)
  • Carol Gregory (ASU)
  • Denise Night (PACU)
  • Julie Ginder (MPU/Endo)

ONA Labor Representative

News and Updates 

Providence Systemwide Updates


The following contract provision outlines how to file a grievance and the grievance process specific to this bargaining unit. ONA staff or a member of the local grievance or negotiating committee should be consulted if you have questions, concerns, or need assistance filing a grievance.