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2010 Economic and General Welfare Awards

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Outstanding PNCC Award

Presented by Julie Shuff, RN, Chair E&GW Cabinet to:

St. Charles Medical Center Bend PNCC Team


This year the E& GW Cabinet PNCC Award goes to the Professional Nursing Care Committee of St. Charles Medical Center, Bend, OR. The Committee is comprised of the following Chair and Members:

  • John Nangle, Chair
  • Marie Barnes, RRT
  • Audrey Hatfield, Rehab
  • Vikki Hickman, ER
  • Marta Izo, SSC
  • Terri Lewis, ICU
  • Leanna Leyes, ICU
  • Dana Peters, ER
  • Kathy Phillips, MSVC
  • Selena Smith, IMCU
  • Karen Standard, ED
  • Lynda Coates, Ortho Neuro Unit

This PNCC has generated several innovative approaches to their work including the use of formal consensus, and having individual PNCC members become the "practice champion” of an issue the PNCC is responding to. The "practice champion” takes leadership on that issue, and moves it forward within the PNCC and beyond. In this manner, various PNCC members become confident and competent at practice problem solving. Recently, two members of the PNCC Dana Peters and Marie Barnes have been appointed to the SCMC Product Evaluation Committee. It’s a very good thing: these two nurses have real, actual clinical experience which the majority of Product Committee members do not have, thus providing valuable information, saving money and encouraging "best buys…” in terms of products for nurses in practice. 

Internal Organizing Award

Presented by Bobbie Turnipseed, RN, E&GW Cabinet to:

Hallie Scott, RN

Holy Rosary Medical Center


Hallie began her nursing career and ONA activities at Lake District Hospital in 1994 where she participated as a member of the Negotiating Team. Hallie moved to the Ontario area and have been employed at Holy Rosary Medical Center since 1998. Continuing her union activity in ONA, she served as a unit rep for the critical care unit for 5 years and this past year was elected by her peers to serve as president of the Bargaining Unit. Hallie agrees that although, Nursing is very rewarding, it’s also physically and emotionally challenging. High patient acuity levels coupled with short staffing, extended low census, poor recruitment and retention, and the lack of decent wages were only some of the challenges HRM BU Team faced going into negotiations. Hallie’s priority was to strengthen the Bargaining Unit, with a focus on recruitment of new hires and working diligently on grievances and supporting the HRM nurses. The contract negotiations developed into a long dispute lasting nearly eight months. Shortly into the process it was learned the Employer intended to sell Holy Rosary Medical Center – resulting in tenuous bargaining. Hallie praised her BU Team "They were the best – who pressed forward and stood strong.” Hallie worked out ways to keep the Unit briefed through an information tree. A testimony to Hallie’s organizing skills was the highest attendance of nurses ever recorded in bargaining history showing up at meetings and to vote. Hallie and her team expressed many fears that come with new change and ownership, but it also provided a "on the ground” education for all nurses, gaining more knowledge in the grievance process, and ways to keep the BU strong.

Internal Organizing Award

Presented by Billy Lindros, RN, E&GW Cabinet to:

Stephanie Wolgast, RN

Providence Medford Medical Center (PMMC)


Before becoming part of ONA, Stephanie felt that her Hospital centered around the Unit where she worked and being a surgical nurses she was "always in scrubs and behind closed doors” never getting to meet other nurses in the Hospital. Stephanie said, "To become part of the union was not a hard sell to PMMC nurses”, and her Unit reached 100% membership immediately after the election and this was due to her commitment to strengthen the union. Stephanie kept all members in her Unit, plus two sister Units updated during negotiations. Stephanie also organized multiple delegations and was the "force” behind preparing the unanimously RN signed "Letter of No-Confidence” leading to change in the Unit Director and Manager. Although, organizing was hard work she was looking forward to the end result of promoting a new unit and signing a first contract.

Stephanie admits to loving the "organizing piece” as it brought all members at PMMC together for the betterment of all nurses.

Outstanding Bargaining Unit Chair

Presented by Ann Carlson, RN, E & GW Cabinet to:

Julie Serrano, RN

Providence Medford Medical Center (PMMC)

Julie was instrumental as the BU Chair in leading her Providence Medford Medical Center (PMMC) Team to a unanimous ratification vote on their first contract. Julie also spear-headed the effort to "clean-up” management’s PTO practices that lead to receiving PTO for over 3900 hours of work for which PTO was never before received. Julie admits to be an "organizer” and organizing to become part of ONA was one of the greatest events in her life and career. Julie is proud to be "union”, and commented that "being union has given a voice to our membership at PMMC who never had any input into their workplace or careers before ONA stepped in, to show our nurses there is another way of doing business.” Julie is proud of the ONA voice and said, "It’s fixing some of the issues nurses encounter in their workplace.”

Rising Star 

 Presented by Harold Fleshman, RN, E & GW Cabinet  to:

Kathleen "Katy” Cooper, RN

Oregon Health Science University

Katy began her nursing career in 1981 and worked at Good Samaritan Regional MC and other non-union hospitals. In 1993, she started working at OHSU in the Cardiac Surgical ICU as a Staff Nurse where she joined ONA as an AURN member. This was Katy’s first time ever belonging to a union. Katy states that 1993 was a turbulent time for nurses and AURN at OHSU. As a State-run facility, the Governor, Betty Roberts placed a freeze on new contract wage increases, essentially gutting the effectiveness of the union. OHSU became a public Corporation a few years later with the promise of a better future for the facility and nurses. These promises were not realized by OHSU nurses and in 2001, Katy joined her colleagues "marching down Sam Jackson Park Road to launch a strike” – stopping approximately 1800 nurses from working during the impassé in contract negotiations. At the end of the strike, Katy renewed her membership commitment to AURN and began attending the ONA Conventions as a delegate.

In 2006 Katy was elected to the PNCC and in 2007 joined the grievance committee and the negotiating team that successfully brokered a 3-year contract. In 2009, Katy became the AURN Executive Board Member-at-Large. Presently, Katy has consented to serve as AURN President beginning in July 2010 and have begun another bargaining session as the Contract that ends in October 2010.

Rising Star

Presented by Billy Lindros, RN, E & GW Cabinet  to:

Mary Pyke, RN

Pioneer Memorial Hospital (PMH)

In the fall of 2008, nurses at Pioneer Memorial Hospital began talking with ONA in an organizing effort to bring ONA to Pioneer Memorial Hospital. By early Spring the nurses voted to unionize with a 91% vote. Although, Mary had been involved in the organizing efforts during the Spring her real involvement began with she was asked to be the Chair of the Negotiating Team and was voted by her peers to that position. Mary’s main concerns which led PMH nurses to organize was unsafe staffing, inequity in pay because of no pay scale, issues that continue to follow PMH nurses all throughout negotiations. Mary admits it has been an interesting and educational experience being on the bargaining team and felt she has not done anything so interesting or invigorating before in her career. The bargaining process can be frustrating at times and Mary become more determined than ever to continue with the process until a contract was in place.  Mary and her team have unified the nursing staff and it’s very encouraging to receive their support. Mary is grateful for ONA and the Labor Representative.

Special Acknowledgement Award

Presented by Julie Shuff, RN, E&GW Cabinet Chair to:

Glenda Peters

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center (PSTV)

Glenda started working at St. Vincent Medical Center in 1988. After joining ONA, she became active as an Officer and a Delegate to Convention. Glenda helped negotiate the 1994-95 Contract and have been involved in the eight contract negotiations since that time. Glenda also served on the E & GW Cabinet.

Glenda was instrumental in negotiating the Providence Retirement Settlement 2009-10 and her negotiating skills and knowledge of the Providence System was invaluable during those rough and always controversial negotiations. Glenda is savvy, detailed and a pleasure to work with as attested by the various ONA Labor Representatives she worked with over the years. Glenda has always been very proud of the many nurses involved and served on her negotiating teams and said, "I grateful to have the support of strong leaders.” Glenda enjoys negotiating and would be the first to state "negotiating is an art”. She enjoys educating nurses with respect to their union rights and advocating for those rights through the collective bargaining process.

Special Acknowledgement Award

Presented by Julie Shuff, RN, E&GW Cabinet Chair to:

Mary Fleury, RN

Providence Home Health and Hospice (PHS)

When the Providence Health System decided to change its retirement program system-wide with very little notice given to the unionized Providence Nurses, Mary stepped in and said, "This is a subject of bargaining and should be negotiated with ONA”. The decision was made for all ONA bargaining Units within the Providence System to meet and decide for all to negotiate at the same Table with the Union and the Providence System. Mary was one of the two Registered Nurses who sat at the negotiating table during these stressful and contentious bargaining sessions. Mary volunteered countless dedicated hours to the nurses retirement cause and she overcome many hurdles in order to relay to Providence Management that ONA had Negotiated Contracts in place at all facilities and she would not sit by and see the erosion of nurses’ benefits especially any take-aways from their retirement.

Mary in her current job as an Admission Nurse admits loving her job, even though at times it’s can be overwhelming and stressful, but there are more good times than bad times.

Adversity Award

Presented by Lynda Pond, RN E&GW Cabinet to:

Irene Bandeen, RN

Columbia Memorial Hospital

Irene started becoming more involved in union activities early in 2004, serving as part of the BU Team and assisting team members with grievances. A quote from one of Irene’s colleagues "Irene is a super nurse with great work ethics and an eye for detail.” That quality was recognized by Irene’s peers as she was asked to "take over” most of the paperwork of the Bargaining Unit, doing distribution of information to the members and compiling lists ensuring that documents provided to Administration were submitted without error. Irene teamed-up with her BU Chair on grievances and admits her Team’s "wins” were few and far between as Administration rarely saw the union’s point of view. The State Health Division was called in twice to respond to complaints filed by the BU Team. Irene believes that calling in State Health Department really got the attention of Administration and it was a great tactical move by the BU Team. Irene is grateful for the help received from ONA Staff and her Labor Representative. Although the union road had many bumps, Irene learned a valuable lesson that the grievance process is the best. 

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