Government Relations Staff

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Deborah Riddick, JD, RN
Director of Government Relations
Phone: (503) 293-0011 ext 1317
Deborah Riddick has spent her career expanding patients' access to health care and bringing stakeholders together to raise communities' health standards. She has extensive experience practicing as a direct-care registered nurse and as a nurse educator. She has also shaped public health policy as an analyst and director of health policy for state and local organizations including the Michigan State Legislature, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers and the School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan. 

Deborah is a licensed registered nurse in multiple states and a founding member of the HHS/OMH Great Lakes Regional Health Equity Council.

Deborah joined ONA in 2018. 

Russell Lum, BA
Political Organizer
Phone: (503) 293-0011 ext 1321
Russell Lum joined ONA in 2020 after three years in Oregon politics and labor-aligned organizing. Russell was head of Oregon Fair Trade Campaign from 2017 to 2019.  Oregon Fair Trade is a coalition of organizations, many of whom unions, which coordinates grassroots organizing and lobbying to influence U.S. trade policy — to the point of making trade genuinely fair in its impacts on workers, consumers, and the environment. Russell is also a two-time field organizer for Bernie Sanders, and field director for a successful primary run for Portland mayor. Prior to coming to Oregon, his political involvements spanned several jobs across four cities, and he's glad to be settling down in the Northwest and glad to be fighting with and for Oregon nurses.
Jack Dempsey, BA
Phone: (503) 358-2864
Jack Dempsey has lobbied on behalf of ONA since the Spring of 2008. Jack works with Congress, the Oregon Legislature and other decision-makers to make positive improvements for nurses and their patients. Prior to working with ONA, Jack worked in government relations at OHSU and in the Oregon Senate President’s Office.