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2009 Economic and General Welfare Awards

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Outstanding PNCC Award

Presented by Billy Lindros, RN, E&GW Cabinet to:


The E & GW Cabinet is proud to present the Outstanding PNCC Award to members of the Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) PNCC Team. When the nurses at OHSU in 2002 returned from a strike, a Magnet Committee was formed. Using the process to examine current methods of building relationships against Magnet criteria, the PNCC’s identified many areas in need of change in the work environment and patient outcomes. Over a four year span the PNCC’s built the "Shared Governance Infrastructure” to strengthen the individual nurse’s voice as well as the presence of the PNCC in the strategically important decision-making committees. In 2008 the PNCC's created a UBNPC Resource Manual collaboratively with ONA/AURN and OHSU Nursing Administrator to create standardized tools and consistent information surrounding the work outlined in the collective bargaining agreement and to try to create and strengthen a Magnet environment. The PNCC’s advocated for more resource materials for staff nurses, and were given opportunities to present at the collaborative meetings. This exposure led to greater assistance in problem-solving of staff nurse practice issues, and supporting the nurses in areas of education and certification. The OHSU PNCC team will continue to act as a multi-directional liaison between stakeholders to support nurses at OHSU.

Louise Darling, RN
Education: BSN, RNC/BCLC
Name of School: New York State University
City & State: New York, NY Present Position/Employer: OHSU Float Pool
No. of years: 13
Employer: OHSU
Kathleen Cooper
Education: BSN
Name of School: OHSU School of Nursing
City & State: Portland, OR
Present Position/Employer: Staff Nurse CMICU
No. of years: 28
Employer: OHSU
Janis Olson
Education: BSN
Name of School: Montana State University
City & State: Bozeman, MT
Present Position/Employer: Staff Nurse OHSU
No. of years: 17
Employer: OHSU

Adversity Award

Presented by Ann Carlson, RN, E&GW Cabinet

Joann MacLellan, RN

Rogue Valley Medical Center

Nomination Statement: Ann Carlson, RN, E & GW Cabinet:

As a single mom of three children and working as a full-time Registered Nurse and that was not an easy task, but Joann had to deal with being diagnosed with cancer and other health problems. Joann gracefully accepted this challenge and forged ahead to continue life. After five year’s of cancer remission, she learned that the cancer returned to her lymph nodes, bones and liver – Joann had another mountain to climb. Joann was determined to take one step at a time and to live as normal as she could while dealing with issues surrounding both treatment and continuing her full-time job as a registered nurse at RVMC. While Joann had to resign from many committees, she continued to serve as Co-Chair of the Staffing Committee as Staffing was a subject near and dear to her heart. Joann believed that having a voice in decisions with the challenges surrounding staffing at the Hospital was both safe and satisfying to patients and staff alike and in Joann’s words, "It was one of the greatest experiences I had as a Staff Nurse at RVMC.”

Nursing Education: RN, BSN
Name of School: Oregon Health Science University
City and State: Portland, OR
Present Position: CCU, Coronary Critical Care Unit
Number of Years: 1.50 years
Employer: Rogue Valley Medical Center

Internal Organizing Award

Presented by: Bobbi Rychlick, RN, E&GW Cabinet

Providence Liaisons (past and present members)

Nomination Statement: Rob Nosse, ONA Labor Relations Representative

This year’s Internal Organizing Award is being presented to the Providence Organizing Team both current and past members who agreed to come off their jobs and work full and part-time to advance professional practice, patient care and contractual issues at both Providence facilities. These nurses have been doing what many of us would think is Labor Representative Work. With an open shop environment the Liaisons really are trying to turn the situation so that membership escalates high enough so that ONA could be in a position to bargain. All these nurses are to be commended for stepping up and doing an exemplary job.

Present Members
Jennifer Speer, RN
Jenny Taylor, RN
Brandy Benedict, RN
Susan Kuhnhausen, RN
Kim Hubbard, RN
Elaine Sawyer, RN
Barbara Friesen, RN
Past Members
Kelly Rae Taylor, RN
Maria Anderson, RN
Laura Fryburg, RN
Anita Ott-Hendrickson
Amy Pallesen, RN
Linda Larson, RN

Rising Stars

Presented by Barbara Newton, RN, E&GW Cabinet

Bonny Durick, RN & Kathy Hargate, RN

Nomination Statement: Gary Nauta, ONA Labor Relations Representative

Bonny Durick has been a nurse since 1973. Bonny started working at Mercy Medical Center in 1976 and has worked in most every area of the hospital, and is currently working in Quality Improvement. Mercy Medical Center’s Collective Bargaining contract has only been in place since October 2007, and Bonny was one of the elected Co-chairs. It has been quite surprising as a Co-chair to have to deal with all the issues that have come up since starting in that role for the bargaining unit. Working with the first contract has demonstrated some issues that will need to be clarified or changed for the next contract, and Bonny has already indicated her willingness to be part of the bargaining team when the time comes to renew the contract.

Nursing Education: Diploma
Name of School: L.R. County University of South California MC - School of Nursing
City and State: Las Angeles, CA
Present Position: Mercy Medical Center
Number of Years: 32

Kathy Hargate worked as a Registered Nurse for forty-four years with ten of these years in her current position as Utilization Management nurse at Mercy Medical Center. Approximately four years ago, once or twice a month on weekends, Kathy filled in as a bedside patient care nurse because she saw how hard the bedside nurses were working with only a small staff on duty, and the lack of administrative support or concern. Kathy believes by doing this it prepared her to accept and support ONA with organizing the nurses at Mercy Medical Center. Although, Kathy never thought during her nursing career she would ever belong to a bargaining unit. Seeing the lack of respect RNs were receiving, organizing seemed necessary so nurses could speak with one voice. After eighteen months of bargaining, in October 2007 MMC had a signed contract and looking back, Kathy hasn’t regretted supporting the effort to unite. In March, 2008 Kathy accepted being a co-chair of Mercy Nurses United and have enjoyed learning the positive aspects of a union and was amazed with the number of individual nurses the Team have had to support. If MMC had not organized many of these nurses would have been fired.

Nursing Education: Diploma
Name of School: Good Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing
City and State: Portland, OR
Present Position: Utilization Management RN
Number of Years: 44
Employer: Mercy Medical Center


Outstanding Leader Award

Presented by Billy Lindros, RN, E&GW Cabinet

Barbara Newton, RN

Barbara Newton, RN, ADN has been a union member at Holy Rosary Hospital since the union was formed in 1999. Barbara had a vision to seek and achieve better wages, hours and working conditions for nurses and was aware that only through advancing the collective bargaining process could this be accomplished. Barbara had been an E & GW Cabinet member for five years. She was elected as Chair of the E & GW Cabinet from 2005 to 2007 and after her tenure was over, she remained a respected member of the
Cabinet. Barbara’s outstanding work was appreciated by all her peers, for many reasons, but one in particular was due to her ability to zero in on details.

Barbara has been a member of the Holy Rosary Grievance and Negotiation Teams since 1999 to present. Barbara served as President of Holy Rosary Bargaining Unit from 2007 to 2008. She has worked to develop the local bargaining unit through membership drives and other projects and providing a unique contribution to the unit. Barbara was a member of ONPAC and NUPAC.

Barbara’s leadership ability was also recognized at the national level; Barbara was a member on the Advisory Board of a National Nurses Union.

Nursing Education: RN, ADA
Employer: Holy Rosary Hospital

Outstanding Grievance Chairperson Award

Presented by Julie Shuff, RN, E&GW Cabinet Chair

Bonny Wallace, RN, Mercy Medical Center

Bonny Wallace has been a Registered Nurse for 22 years. Bonny’s professional background includes Med/Surg, Labor & Delivery and Newborn Nursery. Bonny is currently working in the Ambulatory Therapy Clinic at Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg. Bonny was one of the "grass roots nurses” who leaped into organizing from the ground floor to try and establish the ONA presence at MMC and was elected the first Chairperson in the facility. It’s worthy to note that Bonny put in countless hours as part of the team to bargain the first contract at Mercy Medical Center. Bonny was confident that she accrued enough skills to handle the grievance process, therefore, when Bonny was offered the position of Grievance Chair she gladly stepped into this sometimes overwhelming position and has not looked back. Bonny believes that she is an integral player in laying the groundwork for present and future nurses at MMC. Although, being a Grievance Chair is not easy, Bonny has dealt with many nurses while in this role and has been able to provide professional guidance during the grievance process.

Nursing Education: RNC
Name of School: Umpqua College
City and State: Roseburg, OR
Present Position: Ambulatory Therapy Clinic
Number of Years: 22
Employer: Mercy Medical Center

Outstanding Bargaining Unit Chair Award

Presented by Harold Fleshman, RN, E&GW Cabinet

Rebecca "Becky" Teeter, RN, Grande Ronde Hospital

From time to time bargaining units suffer a degree of complacency and the Grand Rhonde Hospital BU was in a complacent situation. Becky Teeter saw a challenge and seized it. First, she started on her own an information periodic newsletter of workplace happenings, creating it at home and distributing it to her co-workers. Becky was elected as the BU Chair and to the negotiating team. Becky recruited new nurses to join her in stepping up to serve in elected positions and creating new leaders. The first contract negotiated by Becky’s team resulted in the highest wages in North Eastern Oregon. Becky helped survey nurses, write proposals and make arguments at the bargaining table for nurses’ priorities, by doing so Becky expanded her knowledge-base and helped BU Team overcome obstacles.

Nursing Education: RN, BSN
Name of School: Oregon Health Science University
City and State: Portland, OR
Present Position: Emergency Room Nurse
Number of Years: 9
Employer: Grand Ronde Hospital


Special Acknowledgement Awards

Presented by Gary Hickmann, RN, E&GW Cabinet

Providence Medford Medical Center Organizing Committee

Nominating Statement: Minh Nguyen, ONA Labor Relations Representative

"Our Lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – MLK.

This year the entire Providence Medford Medical Center Organizing Committee is receiving the Special Acknowledgement Award and it’s well deserved. The thirty members of the PMMC Organizing Committee were totally committed to securing a voice for nurses at PMMC through collective bargaining. All the entire Team was Leaders during organizing and after the vote on August 7, 2008. They were an undeterred driving force behind the first victory. They were fearless as patient advocates and earned respect from nurse colleagues and management alike. The Team stepped up to the challenge playing critical roles in having difficult conversations with co-workers and gathered support for the organizing effort. The organizing efforts was about "Joining the Team…T-transparency, E-equal standards, A-accountability, and M-mutual respect."

Angela Crisp
Hector Rivera
Julie Serrano
Beth Russell
Janet Bernard
Susan Bruce
Karen Dwyer
Julie Saindon
Theresa Erickson
Gemma Marlia-Johnson
Kelly Wells
Deanna Pihl
Stephanie Wolgast
Rick Mailand
Donna Pope
Catherine Hinkley
Avelina Manalo
Lisa Cogswell
John Sullivan
Casey Mandell
Sue Ichord
Corlane Eacott
Claudia Poletto
Peggie Von Brandt
Lindsi Wick
Sarah Kirk
Jennifer Miller
Joan Meyer
Maureen Lopez

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center Organizing Committee

This year the entire Providence St. Vincent Organizing Resource Committee is receiving the Special Acknowledgement Award. The seven Leaders of the Providence St. Vincent Organizing Committee were totally committed and have worked for over a year to gain representational rights for Resource nurses through the current ONA/St. Vincent contract. These Leaders volunteered countless hours and persevered through several hurdles in order to secure a voice through unionization for all Resource nurses at St. Vincent! Their efforts have added approximately 200 on-call nurses to the current St. Vincent bargaining unit.

Linda Dalton
Carol Bendinelli
Lisa Fellin
Robin Firth
Cindy Boyd
Meghan MacPherson
Julie Jones

Long Term Achievement Awards

Presented by Bobbi Rychlick, RN, E&GW Cabinet

Pat Van Loo, RN & Maryann Dutton, RN from St. Vincent Medical Center

Pat has been a registered nurse since 1969. Pat started her career at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in July 1970 long before ONA represented nurses in the facility. In 1971-72, a group of nurse leaders began to help nurses to organize, to have ONA as a professional voice and have representation of their bargaining rights. It was a success venture and Pat has been part of the union ever since. Pat values her membership in ONA and considers collective bargaining a priority and she has served in many was to promote the union. Pat worked as a Unit Representative in the Neuro Unit and was a member of the first PNCC Committee, served as secretary-treasurer to the bargaining team for many years, she have worked for improved patient care and the betterment of professional nursing and the protection of nursing practice, Pat was an advisor to the BU Team and worked to improve fair and equal treatment of nurses throughout her career.

Maryann’s career started at Providence St. Vincent MC, Oregon in 1978 returning to Oregon, after traveling around the world with her husband who was an Air Force Officer, and worked/volunteered as a RN in many countries and in many States in the USA. Maryann was a Charge Nurse on the IV Team for 13 years and then moved to OP Infusion as a Charge Nurse until eight months ago. Maryann is still working in OPI as a Staff Nurse and has been at St. Vincent MC for almost 31 years. She was active with CNA and ARPN as vice president and president. Maryann has been elected to the BU Team numerous times and is involved in contract negotiations as an officer and advisor. She was a unit representative most of her 31 years promoting membership in the professional organization.


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