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Professional Nursing Care Committees (PNCC)

Professional Nursing Care Committees are contractually created committees which assist staff nurses under a collective bargaining agreement to assess and solve problems that are related to nursing practice. Staff nurses with clinical expertise are elected or appointed to serve on their committee.

There are two common structures of PNCCs in ONA’s contracts: some are comprised of staff nurses only; others are comprised of a mix of staff nurses and nurses with administrative roles such as nurse managers and/or directors of nursing practice. PNCCs typically meet from 1 to as many as 3 hours on a monthly basis to conduct their work. PNCCs have a recommending and reporting relationship to the chief nurse executive and/or his/her designee. PNCCs speak on behalf of staff nurses in the facility and their purpose is to analyze, consider options and solve problems faced by staff nurses.

Sometimes, a number of PNCCs will experience a common problem. If this occurs, the Cabinet on Nursing Practice & Research and Human Rights & Ethics can sponsor a webinar, workshop, or develop a written nursing practice advisory or position statement which alerts all PNCCs to the problem and provides information and recommendation for action on that particular problem. ONA Professional Services can connect PNCCs from various facilities together based on common practice issues as needed.

PNCC Resource Manual

ONA Professional Services is excited to announce and distribute the release of our new Professional Nursing Care Committee (PNCC) Resource Manual in electronic format. The resource manual now includes a new series of Powerpoint presentations which focus on our PNCCs, Hospital Nurse Staffing Committees (HNSC) and Staffing Request & Documentation Forms (SRDF).

If you aren't an ONA member and can't log in, please contact to request a copy of the resource manual.

PNCC Charters and Nursing Practice Advisories

Need Help with Your PNCC?

ONA Professional Services has Nursing Practice Consultants (NPC) assigned to assist you with your PNCC needs. Please e-mail Professional Services to request more information or a consultation from your NPC.


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