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St. Vincent Seniority Issue

St. Vincent Human Resources staff has asked us to consider a concept to change how seniority is calculated at Providence St. Vincent. This issue arose after it was discovered in May 2013 that the seniority for resource nurses has been miscalculated by the Medical Center since 2010, when we negotiated their agreement. We learned about this when the maternal child reorganization was announced. It was corrected for all nurses in Labor and Delivery, Post Partum and PSCU. For the other units, we have agreed that the Medical Center will correct all resource nurses’ seniority dates if quit, transfer or apply for another position. The agreement that we reached is linked below, just as an FYI. 

To resolve the issue in the future, Human Resources would like us to consider moving from a ‘date of hire’ concept to a hard number (e.g. 2.5 years seniority on the roster, rather than the date of hire, such as January 20, 1992), which they say would improve their ability to have a clear and consistent process. This would be based on hours worked, which is a significant change. However, in fairness, a number of our other ONA contracts use this system – Providence Portland, Willamette Falls, Seaside, Sacred Heart and Kaiser and we have not heard of complaints.

We wanted to get a sense of what you think so that we can give feedback to the Medical Center.

The HR Director drafted a white paper/overview of the situation and issues they are encountering, which is linked below.

This has not been presented as a proposal in negotiations, but we know they would like to do so. They are looking to us for direction on what could be worked out.

Please take a moment to read the documents below and think it over. Click the links below to view/download each document.

There are some options at the end of the document that they presented to try and address the concerns raised by nurses (mostly part time). We would like to know if you think these are reasonable:

  1. What do you think about moving to an hours based system? Would you agree?
  2. To address concerns raised by part time nurses, do you think it would be fair to:
  • a. limit the hours/seniority a resource nurse could earn in a year to 1248 (24 hours a week)? or
  • b. to grant part time nurses equivalent seniority accrual to full time nurses?

Please send your comments to Pat Sheridan-Walker (who is helping us with this issue) at

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