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News: 2012-11-07 Support UFCW Local 555

Help Support UFCW Local 555

UFCW Local 555 has approximately 12,000 retail grocery workers in Oregon and Washington that are currently in contract negotiations. Their contract was up in July and in recent negotiations with the employers (Safeway, Albertsons and Fred Meyers), the employers brought the following to the table:

  1. They want to kill the 5 day work week. They want to be able to not pay overtime unless the employee works over 40 hours in a week. This means they could schedule their employees 5 hours per day, 7 days per week and never pay overtime. Would you want to be scheduled 7 days per week?
  2. They want to be open Christmas (the only day of the year that the employees have guaranteed off with their families), and they want to be able to make it be mandatory that the employees work.
  3. Currently employees pay for a portion of the cost of their health care benefits out of pocket. But, management wants them not to have their full health benefits for 6 1/2 years!!
  4. Currently they have a deductable of $300 per individual per year, or $600 per family. The companies want to double that for some members!
  5. Currently their plan pays 85% of the cost of their medical bill, the companies want to have that be 80%, and the new employees hired would get 65% coverage.
  6. The employers want to be able to reach into their next paycheck or bank account if there is an wage overpayment on their paycheck, or an error in paycheck deductions, without notifying the employee. This would circumvent state law.
  7. They want to take away shift, weekend and holiday premiums for all new employees.

Most of the retail people are part time employees, making around $10/hour. They work very hard for their money and they need you to stand up for them. You can do that in a very simple way. UFCW Local 555 has set up an online petition that you can sign in support of our Union brothers and sisters.

Please put in the "comments section" that you work in Health Care. This will help me identify the people that I have contacted that took the time to fill out the petition. Thank you so much for helping these people, and in return helping yourselves. When we bargain contracts, management always looks around in the community to see what has happened with wages and benefits. We don't want this kind of language being presented in your next contract negotiations!



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