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News: 2012-07-23 St Vincent Update on Additional Providence Health Insurance Plan

ONA Update on Additional Providence Health Insurance Plan

Thank you to all of our members who called and emailed us to let us know about the announcement from Greg Van Pelt about the new health insurance benefit offering being planned by Providence for 2013.

Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) staff at all the Providence facilities were notified officially about a new/additional health insurance offering last week as well. We don’t have all the details but the benefit is clearly an additional offering. It will not replace what we have already implemented and bargained for our contracts.

The deductible will be a little less but so will the Health Savings Account that you can use to offset some of the costs. If we understand it correctly, there will be no premium for employees who insure themselves only on this plan. Currently, employees who only insure themselves on the present plan that we have in the contracts, pay 5 percent of the premium if they are full-time and 10 percent of the premium if they are part time.

Will believe you will able to put extra money of your own into the account similar to the Flex Spending Account. You will then be able to use the money for dental too (which by the way that has been one of the things that nurses in the Providence Portland Medical Center bargaining survey have been asking about). This has to be bargained and worked out with ONA representatives and leaders and, assuming the plan is a good one, this should be something we can agree to and have available for nurses by the time of open enrollment in the fall.
Stay tuned. As we learn more and understand the implications we will let you know.



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