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News: 2012-04-20 Providence Professional Leave Management

Providence Employee Leave Process Update

Last month, Providence started working with a professional leave management company called Sedgwick to help it administer the employee leave process around Family Medical Leave and Oregon Family Medical Leave (FMLA and OFLA) and when you need to be away from work due to a sick child(ren).

If you read the Employee Guide to Leaves of Absences, it does not seem like very much is changing from the employee’s perspective other than having to contact both your manager and Sedgwick when you need to take a leave of absence and you want or need to utilize FMLA or OFLA, or you are not coming to work because of a sick child. Leave approvals, communication, and paper work that would have normally been administered by someone in human resources or your manager will now be handled by the leave management company.

Sedgwick is responsible for administering leaves of absence according to Providence policies, state and federal law, and our collective bargaining agreement.

An official leave doesn’t start until 7 calendars days after you call in sick to take PTO or EIT But an employee should call Sedgwick around the fourth calendar day mark if they think it’s possible that they reach seven days of leave. If the seven day threshold is not met, then Sedgwick will not complete the paperwork.

You also need to contact Sedgwick to access leave for a sick child because this is part of your FMLA or OFLA usage and you do have to do that every time you are calling yourself off work for a sick child.

Oregon Nurses Association does not anticipate that this change will cause any more problems or create more work for employees than what already existed with the process prior to the change, though we have heard that there has been some initial confusion for some employees in isolated cases around the state. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to give your labor relations representative (ONA staff) a call, or you can also contact Providence’s ONEHR at (503) 215-8899 or 1-866-697-8787




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