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Events: 2012 ONA Convention Schedule

Scroll down to view the schedule for each day.  Or you can jump to a specific day with the following links:


Wednesday, April 11

The events on Wednesday, April 11, do not require registration but are open for any ONA member to sit in on the meetings.

Time Event Room
 8:00am-5:00pm Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare Meeting Riverview 
4:00-10:00pm  Finance Committee Meeting & Board of Directors Meeting Mountainview 


Thursday, April 12: Labor CE Day

Time Event Room
7:30am Registration Opens  
8:15am Welcome and Introductions  
8:30-10:00am Ohio’s Assault on Workers: How We Won SB5
Kelly D. Trautner, Esq; Deputy Executive Officer Labor Relations, Ohio Nurses Association
Gorge Room
10-10:15am Break  
10:30am-12:00pm Concurrent Sessions  
Mastering Meetings: How to Plan, Prepare for and Run Meetings
Scott Palmer, ONA Communications Director
Long-range Strategic Bargaining
Alan Yoder, JD, ONA Legal Counsel
Rob Nosse, ONA Labor Relations Representative
Introduction to Unit Representative Role
Christine Hauck, ONA Labor Relations Representative
Gary Nauta, ONA Labor Relations Representative
12:00-1:30pm Luncheon Buffet - Guest Speaker: Brad Avakian, State Labor Commissioner (speaks at 12:30p) Gorge Room
1:30-2:30pm Strengthening Our Union
Judy Huntington, MN, RN, Executive Director, Washington State Nurses Association
Gorge Room
2:30-3:00pm Break  
3:00-4:30pm Concurrent Sessions  
Oregon Strong Voice: How Did We Get in this Economic Mess?
Courtney Niebel, ONA Labor Relations Representative
Tresa Cavanaugh, JD, ONA Labor Relations Representative
Robert’s Rules of Order (and Disorder)
Teresa Stone, BSN RNC PRP CP; Professional Registered Parliamentarian, Certified Parliamentarian
Nursing Unit Concerted Activity: When Grievances Aren’t Enough
Susan Bruce, RN, ONA Labor Relations Representative
Julie Serrano, RN, ONA Labor Relations Representative
 4:30-8:00pm Open time.  Attendees responsible for their own dinner.   
 8:00-10:00pm ONA Awards Reception. 
Dessert buffet, no host bar, music and awards ceremony. 


Friday, April 13: Nurse CE Day

Time Event Room
7:00am Registration and Exhibits Opens  
8:00am Welcome and Introductions  
8:15-9:30am From Obligation To Opportunity: Your Role in the Future of Our Profession
Marie Manthey, MNA, FRCN, FAAN, PhD (hon)
Gorge Room
9:30-10:00m Break / Visit Exhibits  
10:00-11:00am Presenting Yourself
Mary Grant, MS, ANP, RN; Nurse Practitioner for Connections, Providence Home Service
Gorge Room
11:00am-12:00pm Meaningful Contributions to the Patient’s Electronic Medical Record
Nancy Kallem MS, RN; Director, OHSU Clinical Informatics
Jessica M. Alexander RN, MSN; Nurse Informaticist, OHSU Clinical Informatics
Gorge Room
12:00-1:00pm Lunch / Visit Exhibits Columbia Room
1:00-2:00pm The Persuasive Art: Making Your Message More Effective
Scott Palmer, MAIS, ONA Communications Director
Gorge Room
2:00-2:30pm Break / Visit Exhibits  
2:30-4:15pm Using Evidence to Elevate your Practice: Moving from Knowing to Doing
Gladys Campbell, RN; Chief Executive Officer, NWONE; Chief Nursing Officer & Senior Leader for Clinical Strategy, WSHA
Gorge Room
4:15-4:30pm Evaluation and Closure Gorge Room
4:30-5:30pm Bylaws Forum Gorge Room
 5:30-7:30pm Open time.  Attendees responsible for their own dinner.   
 7:30-10:00pm Reception at The Pines Winery and Vineyard Pines Winery & Vineyard


Saturday, April 14: House of Delegates

Time Event Room
 7:30-8:00am Treasurer’s Forum Gorge Room 
8:30am-5:00pm  House of Delegates Gorge Room 
12:00pm Lunch Gorge Room




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