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News: 2011-12-13 Providence St Vincent Q and A on Health Insurance

Providence St. Vincent Q & A on Health Insurance 

What happens if the vote does not pass?

  • If it is not ratified, the Medical Center has told us nurses will continue under the old plan for the time being. We would need to meet with them to discuss how to allow nurses to make changes (add or drop an insured) since there were no changes allowed to health insurance in the October 2011 enrollment period.

What happens if it does pass on December 20?

  • If the nurses ratify the contract on December 20th, the new health insurance plan will be in effect for 2012. We have created a Q & A below for how that would work.

When would I get the information?

  • If the contract is ratified on December 20, the Medical Center will immediately mail packets to nurses at their homes which list their current elections and provide instructions for open enrollment.

What changes would I be making?

  •  The only changes you would be able to make would be to your: 1) health insurance coverage (adding or dropping the plan or dependents), 2) flexible spending account, or 3) to add in the alternative care.

What if I don’t need to make any changes?

  • Then do nothing and your current elections will roll forward under the new plan.

What if I do need to make changes?

  • Then your changes will be made on paper. This can be done by FAX, mail, or hand delivering the form to HR.

What is the deadline?

  • There will be 2 deadlines: If the form is received by Dec 27, changes will be reflected in the first paycheck of the year on January 6. If the form is received by January 6 (absolute deadline), changes and possibly some retro will be seen in the second paycheck of the year on January 20.

Nurses can direct questions to the ONE HR call center after Dec 21.
That number is: 503 215 8899



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