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News: 2011-06-27 St V Insurance Neg begin July 12

ONA/PSVMC Health Insurance Negotiations Begin July 12

Nurses at PPMC, Seaside, Willamette Falls and Home Health & Hospice completed their contract negotiations within the last three to four months. At each negotiation table, Providence proposed significant changes to health insurance benefits. Here are the major changes:

  • Plan Offerings. The current plans (Base EPO, EPO Plus and EPO Open) would be collapsed into one plan
  • Increased premiums (cost out-of-pocket just to have insurance)
  • Increased annual out-of-pocket maximums (limits on health insurance bills after you start using the benefit
  • Increased annual deductibles
  • Creation of a Health Reimbursement Account and biometric screening

After the new health insurance plan was proposed by Providence Health System (PHS), ONA nurses across the state fought to improve the benefit in negotiations and were successful in obtaining the following modifications:

  • Reduced out of pocket maximums: PHS proposed $3,000 and $5,000 which the nurses successfully bargained to reduce to $2,150 and $4,300.
  • Creation of Joint Labor Management Task Forces at each hospital to review and make recommendations on the health insurance plan design.
  • Protection of this benefit for the duration of the contract term.

To read the detailed specifics of the agreement reached at other Providence facilities, please click here for an overview


Hood River nurses began their negotiations in early June. The nurses at Hood River proposed the same health insurance plan benefits that were accepted at PPMC and the other Portland hospitals. Medford nurses will begin bargaining in the fall, at the same time as St. Vincent.


St. Vincent nurses have two separate negotiations coming in 2011. In July, we begin to bargain over your health insurance benefits. This is in place because your primary contract does not expire until December 31, 2011, and Providence needed to know the terms of the health insurance benefits early enough to put them in place for 2012. We will start negotiations for the rest of the contract (wages, differentials, etc) in September 2011.

However, your health insurance plan for 2012 will be open in July, 2011. The timing of health insurance negotiations is in place because the Medical Center needed to know the terms of the 2012 plan before the expiration of your primary contract at the end of the year.

The negotiation dates we have set so far to for health insurance are July 12, 15 and August 3. We have not set dates yet for your primary contract, so stay tuned for updates as it gets closer.

We have requested information about the plan, the nurses along with their coverage, costs, and other important information to negotiate this benefit.

We expect Providence to offer PSVMC nurses the same health insurance benefit as offered at PPMC and the other hospitals. We will keep you updated after negotiations begin. The website and e-mail are the quickest methods to reach nurses. If you have not already updated your contact information, please be sure and do so ASAP so we can keep you informed.



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