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News: 2011-05-06 Saced Heart Raffle Winners

Sacred Heart Raffle Winners

As part of the 2011 Nurses Week celebrations, raffle drawings were held for the nurses with all nurses who attended the celebrations receiving one or two raffle tickets to enter. 

The following is the list of winners for the raffle.  If you see your name on the list, please contact Debbie Lund at 541-912-5540 so she can arrange to give you the gift.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

List of Winners

Prize Name


Two nights at the coast 




Laura Neckles  Morris



Joy Morris


Massage- Dianne Davis

Sherry Garcia

7 Surgery

massage by Betty D.

Harvey Duckor


massage by Betty D.

Molly Jone


Healing space massage

Wendy Nau


Healing space chiropractic Damon Smith NICU
Billy Mac's $50 Janet Evans OHVI 4
Crest massage-flax pad Kat Yoakum 7 surgery
Euphoria chocolate $10 Barbara Lee Anes. Clinic
El Super Burrito $5 Debbie Hopper BHS
El Super Burrito $5 Mary Bock MBU
Sy's large pizza cert Doreen Shoemaker Rehab
Sy's large pizza cert Nancy Deyhle ICU
Sy's large pizza cert Jill Cooney ICU
Nurse purse by Molly B Trudy Biondo NICU
Nurse purse-Molly B Roxanne Loomis Float Pool
Fused glass pendant Karen Chisholm BHS
Fused glass pendant Emily Kincaid UD-ED
Fused glass pendant Joanne Ragsdale BHS
Fused glass pendant Deb Harris CPR
Fused glass pendant Lydia Kulus ICU

Fused glass pendant 

Liz Moore


Fused glass pendant Kim Stroda 7 Surgery
Fused glass pendant  Tracy Woods 7 Surgery
Fused glass pendant Snow Mulroy NICU
Fused glass pendant   Susan Jenoca  OHVI 4
Glenwood 2 dinners  Joan Schoonmaker  OR
Dough company $10 Dana Nelson ICU
Laughing planet $15 Laurie Jenulis ICU
Harlequin Beads $5  Carol Mizana Home Health
Harlequin Beads $5 Sue Seely 7 Surgery
Harlequin Beads $5 Diane Starns   Ortho
Harlequin Beads $5   Amber Jones UD-ED
Harlequin Beads $5  Peggy Barnes Hospice
Harlequin Beads $5   Shawna Fast        OHVI 5
Harlequin Beads $5 Jody Boyles SPA
Harlequin Beads $5 Liz Hayes OHVI 5
Harlequin Beads $5 Kathy Richards OHVI 5
Harlequin Beads $5 Dianna Molynaix 7 Surgery
Harlequin Beads $5 David Schill ED
Harlequin Beads $5 Denise Hinz   OR
Harlequin Beads $5 Val Fairchild 7 Surgery
Harlequin Beads $5 Wynona Burks    Peds
Harlequin Beads $5  LeVonne Steward OHVI 4
Harlequin Beads $5  Aster Thompson 8 Onc/Med
Harlequin Beads $5 Anne Coleman 8 Onc/Med
Harlequin Beads $5 Chelsea Anderson ORC
Harlequin Beads $5 Peggy Campbell   SPA
Harlequin Beads $5 Kathy Armstrong ICU
Divine Cupcake $10 Patty Nowoj   Float Pool
Divine Cupcake $10 Cookie Green ICU/SDU
Divine Cupcake $10 Christine Hanson LDR
Divine Cupcake $10 Stacey Hoffman 8 Onc/Med
Nacho's $10 cert Caroline Rowell Float Pool
Sweet Life $35 cert Susan Walters Clinical educator
The Vintage Rest. $25 Marjean Yates 7 Surgery
Hacienda Amigo Mio $25 Joan Flanders NICU
Elite Car bath-free wash Jeanne Walker   UD Medical
Elite Car bath-free wash Lisa White   6 South Neuro
Uncommon Scents $25 Brenda Miller   8 Onc/Med
Aiyara thai restaurant $10 Sue Roders CPRU
Hop Valley $25 Cheryl Brewer OHVI 5
Ciao Pizza $20 Carol Voze Olkawski OR
Ciao Pizza $20 Mary Light 8 Onc/Med
Off the Waffle $10 Ralph Wood ICU
Chief's Rest. $15  Jeanne Sedge  
Hula's B's Bag & Lanyard Lori Watson   LDR
Hula's B's $25 David Schill ED
Hairmaster's-pedicure Brandi Donahue UD-3 medical
Hairmaster's-pedicure  Emily Caldera Cath prep/recovery
Applebee's giftcard Debbie Hopper BHS
Applebee's giftcard Emily Kincaid UD-ED
Applebee's giftcard Corinn Malmgreen Peds
Applebee's giftcard Geri Fosnight CPRU
Applebee's giftcard   Kathy Emerson  OR
Applebee's giftcard Nancy Deyhle ICU
Race-for-cure shirt med Sharon Baker LDR
Blue t-shirt Lg Laura Lanini 6 neuro
The Pump café $5    Khrystal Berry  3 South Med
The Pump café $5 Sara Smith   NICU
The Pump café $5  Kathy Emerson OR
The Pump café $5   Debbie Jensen Lactation
The Pump café $5 Denise Larson SPA/Endo
Bottle of Wine Khrystal Berry 3 South Med
Bottle of Wine Harvey Duckor BHS
Bottle of Wine Melissa Martin-Cook ICU
Bottle of Wine   Peter Crooks  ICU
Bottle of Wine Sarah Roy NICU
Bottle of Wine Robin Kenworthy Peds
Total Concepts gift bag Theresa Cogtianese SPA
Running Company MI Coach    Kim King 8 Onc/Med




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