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2011 Economic and General Welfare Awards

2011 Economic and General Welfare Awards

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Honorary Nursing Practice Award

Presented by Mary Grant, RN, MS, ANP, Chair of NPO, to:

Lois Eaton, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP

Lois Eaton, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP, left, receives her award from Mary Grant, RN, MS, ANP, right.

This year the E& GW Cabinet PNCC Award goes to the Professional Nursing Care Committee of St. Charles Medical Center, Bend, OR. The Committee is comprised of the following Chair and Members:

This PNCC has generated several innovative approaches to their work including the use of formal consensus, and having individual PNCC members become the “practice champion” of an issue the PNCC is responding to. The “practice champion” takes leadership on that issue, and moves it forward within the PNCC and beyond. In this manner, various PNCC members become confident and competent at practice problem solving. Recently, two members of the PNCC Dana Peters and Marie Barnes have been appointed to the SCMC Product Evaluation Committee. It’s a very good thing: these two nurses have real, actual clinical experience which the majority of Product Committee members do not have, thus providing valuable information, saving money and encouraging “best buys…” in terms of products for nurses in practice. 

Outstanding PNCC Award

Presented by Sue Davidson, PhD, RN, CNto:

Providence Home Services

From left to right, Catherine Greenlee, Mary Carlson, Charlotte Aborn and ONA's Susan Hendershot Link.

This year the E&GW Cabinet PNCC Award goes to the Professional Nursing Care Committee of Providence Home Services. The Committee is comprised of the following Chair and Members:

  • Charlotte Aborn, RN
  • Mary Carlson, RN
  • Catherine Greenlee, RN


This Professional Nursing Care Committee (PNCC) was formed in 2008 following finalization of an ONA contract that combined home health and hospice services of Providence St. Vincent’s Home Health and Hospice and Providence Portland Home Health and Hospice. Joining these Providence system services together into one large bargaining unit created Providence Home Services. Providence Home Services is now the largest home health and hospice nursing bargaining unit in the state – representing approximately 200 nurses. Major issues and challenges encountered by this PNCC included establishing effective communication between the PNCC and the large nursing constituent group that they represent. In addition to these fundamental challenges, this group has effectively tackled several important nursing practice issues including helping ONA to adapt the hospital-based staffing request and documentation form (SRDF) for use by home health and hospice nurses. Recently this group successfully worked with a team of PHS behavioral health nurses to address their serious nursing practice concerns and nurse staffing needs - effectively communicating PNCC recommendations in a joint meeting with PHS administration. All of the PNCC’s recommended actions were subsequently approved and endorsed by PHS administration. Quite an impressive accomplishment!

In 2011 this group has been charged with several new challenges including: 1) identify an agreed upon list of approved nursing specialty certifications for home health and hospice nurses, and 2) develop and prepare to implement a new clinical ladder for home health and hospice nurses. 

Rising Star 

 Presented by Anne Carlson, RN, to:

Fran Spker, RN

Rogue Valley Medical Center, Medford, OR

Fran Spiker, RN, right, with presenter Ann Carlson, RN, left.

Fran has stepped up to assume the role of “Grievance Chair” when Randy Williams had to step down due to illness. Fran’s performance in investigatory meetings and grievance hearings was above reproach. Fran has also elected to run for one of the open positions on the E&GW Cabinet and has the desire to attend the NFN 2011 Labor Academy in Chicago. The RVMC Team and nurses are very proud of Fran; she has come a long way from a year or so ago and is still rising as a Star!

Fran have been a member of ONA for over thirteen years which is when she first moved to Oregon. Fran have supported and appreciated the ONA, but have hesitated to be an actively participating member due to lack of time and the usual nervousness about joining a group of strangers. She was encouraged to attend an Executive Committee meeting by some co-workers and found out that a very small group of nurses were working to represent our large body of nurses at RVMC. Fran was elected grievance chair and have been very busy representing nurses who have received disciplines or who have been fired from their jobs. She has also participated in RVMC Labor Management Committee, working with members from RVMC Management to try to resolve issues of mutual interest to ONA and the hospital. Fran feels this has been an excellent venue for ongoing communication and problem-solving. As a natural outcome of this experience, Fran ran for a position on the Negotiating Team and will be negotiating our next Contract this spring. 

Rising Star

Presented by Bobbie Turnipseed, RN, E & GW Cabinet  to:

Ateusa Salemi, RN

Good Shepherd Health Care Services - Hermiston, Oregon

Ateusa Salemi, RN, right, with presenter Bobbie Turnipseed, RN, left.

Ateusa took a lead role in the GSH Negotiations and Field Campaign. If anything needed to be done, Ateusa was always there to assist and complete the tasks “big or small”. Whether it was mobilizing supporters, making copies, proof-reading contract language, speaking in front of a groups of community members, attending AFSCME leadership meetings, or giving radio interviews…Ateusa was willing, prepared, and an excellent voice for Oregon Nurses. Completing an Online BSN program starting this May. I have five children ages 13 months to 11.5. My husband is a diagnostic ultrasound student finishing in December.

Interestingly, Atreus’s mother is a nurse who had Ateusa holding signs of support on a picket line for a couple of months when she was a child. Ateusa’s own children participated in our campaign and became our poster-children for our “Support Good Shepherd Nurses.” She is an excellent example of a Rising Star who will be a leader to watch in the future! The hard won negotiations was Ateusa’s first time at the bargaining table and Ateusa feels very humbled to receive the Rising Star Award.

Adversity Award

Presented byJulie Shuff, RN to:

Good Shepherd Health Care System Negotiating Team

  • Deborah Daulton, RN
  • Angela Christman, RN
  • Marla McQuatters, RN
  • Anne Peterson, RN
  • Ateusa Salemi, RN
  • Vicki Kent, RN

Imagine being told by your Hospital - It pays you to breathe! Couple that with the statement; “Go work there!” and additional insurance premiums put upon all nurses during Christmas, and negotiations where an aggressive Management team wants to eliminate your wage scale. That’s what Good Shepherd Nurses were faced with; and yet they prevailed in achieving a contract that offers significant wage increases and a strong message, “Do NOT Disrespect Nurses.”

The Good Shepherd Nurses had a crash course in “Internal Organizing and Mobilizing” that lead to successful community campaign to stop the dismissal and disrespect put upon them by management. The Nurses hosted a Community Christmas Party, welcome wagon, flyered cars at the Hospital Party, successfully had the community posted with “Support Good Shepherd Nurses” signs in cars and business windows. They enlisted fellow Union Supporters from the local college, community schools, AFSCME, Corrections Department and more. In the end, there were two radio interviews, four newspaper articles, four letters to the editor, and one management team. The Management Team withdrew aggressive proposals and paid nurses retro pay for the insurance dollars they had punitively taken to apply pressure to settle on their terms. Management’s final message in mediation: “We want the public spotlight to be turned off.”

Outstanding Bargaining Unit Chairperson

Presented by Deborah Snelling, RN to:

Sean Butler, RN

Samaritan Pacific Health Center (Pacific Communities Hospital) - Newport, Oregon

Christine Hauck, right, accepts the award from Deborah Snelling, RN, left, on behalf of 
Sean Butler, RN, who could not attend the presentation.

Sean is the BU Chair at Pacific Communities Hospitals, and feels it’s an honor to receive the Outstanding Bargaining Unit Chairperson Award. Sean learned that working with his Samaritan Health System Leadership they were able to help support each other in bargaining training and work environment that helped forge a strong worksite for all RNs.

Sean feels with the great team he has helped to shape, they are slowly breaking down the Hospital’s attitude of pitting one group of nurses against another group.

Outstanding Grievance Chairperson Award

Presented by Lynda Pond, RN to:

Laura Lay, RN

Sacred Heart Medical Center - Eugene, Oregon

Pam VanVoorhis, RN, right, accepts the award from Lynda Pond, RN, Left, on behalf of 
Laura Lay, RN, who could not attend the presentation.

Laura Lay, RN, (pictured left) started becoming more involved in union activities in 2009, serving as a Unit Representative and then was recruited for grievance work. Laura have really enjoyed being able to represent, advocate, and support our nurses in disciplinary and grievance situations. Although it is often challenging, Laura feels it has overall been a rewarding experience. 

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