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Sacred Heart Medical Center Officer Elections Slate

The elections for Sacred Heart Medical Center executive officers is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who voted.  

There are eight candidates to fill seven open positions.  Each candidate was asked the same three questions and the answers:

  • Name, unit, years as a nurse, years at SHMC
  • Share any prior experience that you think will contribute to the work of the ONA Executive Committee/Negotiating Team – this could be any involvement with ONA or other organization/union, community organizations, hospital committees, volunteer work, etc
  • What do you think is the most important work ONA should be doing in the coming year?

Below you will find information on each of the candidates with the answers to the three questions above, provided by the candidates in their own voice. 

Candidate Slate (in alphabetical order by last name).  Click on their name to jump to their answers or scroll down to see all the candidates answers. 

Nancy Deyhle, RN

  1. Hi! I, Nancy Deyhle, am interested in being on the SHMC executive team. I have been a nurse since 1983 (28 years) and have worked at SHMC since 2003 (8 years). I have worked full time in the profession all of those years. I have worked in varying states (California, Pennsylvania, Oregon) and mostly for non-union facilities. I currently work in the ICU.
  2. I am currently on the SHMC executive team and was on the negotiating team for the last contract. I remain active in the weekly goings on at the facility and try to assist at any time with my time and energy. I am Co-Chair of the staffing committee. I recently joined the grievance team.
  3. In the coming years I am interested in seeing that SHMC remain accountable for adequate, safe staffing levels. We need to continue to advocate for our patients and our fellow nurses. I am also interested in seeing that the current contract be upheld and that working conditions at SHMC improve rather than deteriorate.  Please vote for me to represent you in the coming years. I am an active listener and not fearful of speaking my mind when needed.

Pamela L. Finley, RN, PACU

  1. Pamela L. Finley RN, PACU 10 hour position. I have worked all specialty units in the hospital setting at research and teaching hospitals, small country hospitals and midsize urban hospitals across the country. I have been employed at SHMC at RiverBend since 2008.
  2. In my years working in Oregon I have been continuously involved with being a member of ONA. Prior to returning to work in Oregon, I had worked in the south and southeast states where unions are either non existent or run by the "grocers unions". I know the importance and relevance of having nurses who work in the hospital setting representing them locally, regionally and nationally. I believe in fair practice acts and helping to promote that environment where ever I am at. I am very passionate about nursing. I am very open and always willing to assist where I can and look forward to giving my time to this. Prior to employment at SHMC I was employed at McKenzie Willamette Hospital for 11 years and was actively involved in the ONA at the hospital level while working there.
  3. In the coming year I would like to see more unity organized among the many nurses who are represented at SHMC. I would like to be a part of that organizational process, proactively assisting in that endeavor. As well I would like to see a strong core of nurses come together to assist in obtaining a renewal of our ONA contract with the organization that is rewarding for all nurses who are represented at SHMC. I would also like to see the development of an elections committee and the continuing development of the grievance committee. Thank you for this opportunity! I look forward to what the future holds!

Gisela Garcia, RN

  1. Gisela Garcia, 29 years as an RN and 31 years with Sacred Heart.
  2. CVOR , unit rep, previous member of executive committee. Participated as a member of the negotiations teams for 4 contracts.  Participated as an ONA steward for 12 years assisting in grievances, accompanying during reprimands and conflict resolutions. Being a resource for my unit.
  3. Get nurses motivated, to get involved.  To question unfair labor activities, to get involve with ONA (our organization), question management when it seems necessary, to protect contract language protect our gains, and keep our benefits and wages fair. Speak for nurses prepare and work to get the best contract for us nurse (the heart of Sacred Heart).

Lynda Pond, RN

  1. Lynda Pond, I have been a nurse since 1985. I have worked 21 years as a Labor and Delivery Nurse at SHMC and 2 years as a Perinatal Float Pool Nurse at SHMC.
  2. In 1999 I became active in ONA as a result of a house wide meeting regarding staffing concerns and safety issues. I joined the PNCC where I served as the Chairperson for 2 years. In the year 2000 I became involved in the first staffing committee to be established here at Sacred Heart. I continued to serve on this committee for roughly 10 years total the last 4 of which I was the Co-Chair of this committee. I became active in staffing issues state wide in 2005 with the passing of the first Staffing Law and continued my involvement with staffing concerns at the state level for about 5 years including participating in the rewriting of the staffing law in 2006 and participating in the staffing collaborative between ONA and OAHHS for 2 years. I was on the negotiating committee in 2002 and served on the grievance committee on and off for several years. I have also participated in and chaired the UBC for Labor and Delivery. Currently I sit on the Cabinet for Economics and General Welfare for ONA and serve on the Board of Directors for District 5. I am also a member of the current Executive Committee and had the privilege to participate in the contract negotiations this past year.
  3. I have been an advocate for staffing issues in this institution for many years. As a respected member of ONA, it is time to lend my voice to other issues as well. I am a strong supporter of improving safety in the workplace, helping nurses to better understand their contractual rights and find their own voice when dealing with concerns on their units. My work on E&GW allows me to bring insight to the Executive Committee on statewide issues and how they impact us at the local level. The executive committee will be facing many tough challenges over the next few years and I would like to lend my experience to the preparations for the next contract, as well as concerns with low census and staffing.

Dawn Kristyne Prall, RN, CCRN, CEN

  1. My name is Dawn Prall. I currently work night shift on the step-down unit, but have also worked OHVI (back before it was called that), Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department, and Critical Care House Float. I have been a nurse with PeaceHealth since 2002.
  2. I was on the 2010 negotiating team and have served as a super user for various software implementations, a preceptor for new hires and transfers into departments, and a facilitator. I am also on the newly formed grievance committee and have participated in meetings between management and ONA as a nurse representative. I am currently finishing the last leg of an MSN degree with a concentration in Nursing Informatics, the purpose of which is to make technology work for us, rather than vice versa.
  3. Nurses as Sacred Heart face a great many challenges to safe effective nursing practice. We are being asked to do more with fewer resources and much of what is required is not in our patients' best interest. One of the biggest challenges we struggle with on a daily basis is that of adequate staffing; another is timely and appropriate ongoing education. These are the two issues I believe are most important for ONA to focus on over the coming year.

Suzanne Seeley, RN

  1. Suzanne Seeley, 23 years as a nurse on 5 Main and 7 Surgical.
  2. I have served as a Unit Representative since 1989. I have been on PNCC since 1996, serving as secretary since 1997. I coordinated a 10 week Basic Urology course for nurses in 1994 and 1999. I served 4 years on Staffing Committee. I have represented PNCC on Nursing Executive Committee. I have been a member of the Executive Committee since the summer of 2007 and negotiated the move to River Bend and the 2010 Contract. I also serve as Vice Chair and Secretary of the Committee and am the minute taker for the Labor-Management Committee.
  3. I see PeaceHealth's move to system-wide standardization as a big threat to the gains that we have made in past contracts to improve patient safety and working conditions and benefits for the nurses. We need to stand UNITED and STRONG to prevent any erosion in these areas that past Negotiating Teams have won for us.

Sherry Tillman, RN

  1. I work in the Johnson Unit and have worked for PeaceHealth for over 10 years.
  2. I have served on the ONA Exec Committee for a couple of years and have gained experience during the reorganization and the most current bargaining session. I also serve on the Staffing Committee.
  3. I know there are multiple issues that the ONA is involved with and staffing is a concern for nursing. I would like to continue my service so that I can be a voice for my fellow nurses, especially for those who work at University District. As far as for the most important thing to focus on this upcoming year for the ONA it seems like it should be Staffing and Communication.

Pam VanVoorhis, RN, RNC

  1. Charge Nurse in the NICU. Have been with Sacred Heart Medical Center for 21 years.
  2. I am currently Chair of the ONA Executive Committee/Bargaining Team. I have been on the Executive Committee, and Chair, for 4 years. As Chair of the Executive Committee for Sacred Heart, I also attend Nursing Executive Committee (NEC). A few of the bargaining sessions I have been involved with are: the RiverBend move, the negotiations of 2009 to roll the contract, and the 2010 Full Contract Bargaining session. As Chair, I am an ad hoc member of the Staffing Committee, and PNCC. The chair is also involved in all unit re-organizations, of which there have been many since the move to RiverBend, not only at RiverBend, but also at University District. I am the Executive Team liaison for Staffing/Scheduling, and Payroll issues for the members.
  3. The coming year brings many opportunities for all the nurses at SHMC to get involved in ONA activities. We soon will be preparing for negotiations, which will get rolling about this time next year. With the opening of negotiations, the Bargaining Team will need all of our members to give us input via the survey, email, and open forums. Your involvement by handing out fliers, information postings on bulletin boards, and your presence at bargaining sessions is always appreciated by the Team. The Executive Team is committed to build a strong unit representative team, and an experienced grievance team. I am personally committed to improving staffing/scheduling practices, and prevention of, and resolution of payroll discrepancies.


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