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ONA Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital Quick Newsletter

December 1, 2010 -Generated by Rob Nosse, ONA Labor Relations Representative for Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital at

Very soon you will be receiving a newsletter in the mail and seeing one around your work area about the nomination process for the bargaining team to negotiate the next contract starting this spring. Your current contract expires on June 30, 2011.

To not make the newsletter coming in the mail too long and to insure that the nomination process for the bargaining team does not get lost in the shuffle I wanted to send along a few quick updates.

Floating Grievance

You are supposed to get paid $2.00 additional an hour when ever you float to a different unit. This has not been happening. A grievance was filed in August to complain about this contract violation. We thought we had a settlement worked out, but because of the ICU/ACU Float Pool’s configuration and that the fact that there are still RNs who are designated either ICU or ACU, we have concerns about the proposed settlement from the Hospital driving cancellations. We have a meeting scheduled with Hospital management on December 14 to work out the concerns. Stay tuned.

A Raise is Coming

The pay period including January 1 2011 has a raise coming to you. Check out your contract in the back to see how much it is worth.

How Much Profit did Hood River Generate for Providence in 2009?

Once in awhile I hear from some of you about the tremendous budgetary pressures your managers find themselves under. Please know that in 2008, Hood River generated an operating margin (profit) worth $7 million. This is a 12.8% margin of profit. This is very good. Unfortunately, 2008 was a bad year for their investments. They lost that much money in their investment portfolio and so total profit was actually a loss.

This happened to many hospitals in and outside of Providence across the State of Oregon. What is important to note is that due to good management you made a tremendous operational profit of $7 million. This was a significant dollar amount and the highest operational profit in proportion to budget among all the Providence facilities in Oregon.

In 2009, Hood River generated an operating margin worth $6.5 million. This is a 10.3% margin. It was the best margin of all the Providence facilities in Oregon. Unfortunately, 2009 was a bad year for their investment income again, but all the Providence facilities in Oregon lost money on their investments.

If you would like more details about all of this, please let me know. I can refer you to an excellent State of Oregon website.

St Vincent RNs are getting a 4.5% raise in January of 2011

PPMC RNs are in bargaining as we speak. Did you know that the St Vincent’s and the PPMC RN’s have had the same salary schedule or very similar for 30 years? We will see what management is proposing for the PPMC contract on December 14. Stay tuned. ONA is also in bargaining with Willamette Falls Hospital in Oregon City, Home Health and Hospice, and Seaside. The Seaside nurses are in mediation.


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