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"Nursing in the Storm" Book and Companion Video

On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina unleashed its fury over southeastern Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast – leaving devastation in its path. When the levee system for New Orleans failed, over 80 percent of the city was under water. Flooded hospitals became islands of care, cut off from most help, awaiting evacuation for days.

Nursing in the Storm: Voices from Hurricane Katrina captures first-person accounts from nurses at six of these hospitals. Often forced to improvise, they worked round the clock under dire conditions that challenged their endurance and their hope. The book takes the reader back to those hospitals in peril, where nurses saved lives and cared for the ill while their city floundered.

Authors Denise Danna and Sandra Cordray were stranded in Memorial Medical Center, New Orleans, during and after Hurricane Katrina. They experienced first-hand the disastrous results when the levees broke and the waters rose.

A testament to nursing and nurses in New Orleans, the book reminds us what it takes to care professionally when circumstance and necessity command. Many of the nurses featured in the book lost their homes, careers, and community, and are struggling still to rebuild their lives. The book is a compelling read that helps all of us understand the disaster, as told by nurses who were there.

As a supplement to this book, we recently prepared a short video using excerpts from the book along with actual photos taken during Hurricane Katrina.

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