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News: 2012-11-14 ONA 2012 General Election Advocacy Report

ONA’s 2012 General Election Advocacy Report

First, a huge thank you to the members of our Cabinet on Health Policy, Oregon Nurse Political Action Committee (ON-PAC), and Nurses United Political Action Committee (NU-PAC), as well as every ONA member who volunteered, registered to vote, or talked to their colleagues about ONA’s endorsements.

Our Cabinet members dedicated huge amounts of time and energy, from developing our interview guide—carefully considering our likely policy priorities—to leading candidate interviews around the state, to volunteering to canvass and phone bank once our endorsements were finalized. Cabinet members also considered ballot measures and made three endorsements.

Our PAC members joined in candidate interviews and carefully considered endorsement recommendations from their fellow nurses around the state who spent time with the candidates. Our PAC members considered what the candidates told them, how they’ve voted in the past, and the dynamics of their districts and overall viability before finalizing endorsement recommendations for ONA. In each case, the PAC’s endorsement supports the candidate believed to be the best champion for nursing and labor issues in the legislature. ON-PAC and NU-PAC made difficult and deliberate decisions about how to allocate financial resources to help our endorsed candidates and measures win.

Finally, ONA members volunteered their time to interview candidates, make phone calls, register voters knock on doors, and send letters to their colleagues in support of our candidates.


ONA members from all across Oregon met with candidates seeking office in their local area to discuss issues that impact the nursing profession, health care, and labor policy, and made a local recommendation to the ON-PAC board. Following is a complete list of our 2012 General Election Endorsements.

Voter Registration

To strengthen the voice of nursing, we are continuously working to encourage all ONA members to register to vote and participate in each and every election. Thanks in large part to your hard work and commitment to communicating the importance of this election to your friends, family and colleagues, 89% of registered ONA members casted a ballot in this election, in comparison to 81% of the general public registered to vote.


Every Friday, ONA sends a weekly update to over 7,200 members statewide. Since the primary election in May, Government Relations has included endorsement invitations, endorsement updates, campaign messaging and updates in Friday mail each week. ONA sent over 180,000 emails with endorsement and election information.

Bargaining Unit Newsletters

This cycle, we used the bargaining unit newsletters to communicate with our membership regarding ONA endorsements specific to their area, such as the Benton County Public Health and Safety Levy.

Field Work

ONA members made over 2000 phone calls to fellow ONA members this election cycling, filling more than 30 shifts at ONA nurse-to-nurse phone banks, and knocked on more than 3000 doors.



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