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2009 MWMC/ ONA Contract Negotiations Updates


January 19, 2010 - McKenzie-Willamette Contract Ratified

The one-year contract for RNs at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center was ratified by vote. Out of 83 ballots cast, 78 were yes votes to only 5 no votes.

January 8, 2009 - McKenzie-Willamette RNs Reach Recommended Tentative Agreement

McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center (MWMC) RNs have demonstrated strong resistance to management’s pursuit of unilateral control over health and retirement benefits. For more than five weeks, nurses have rallied support behind their team and in opposition to management’s regressive proposals with strongly attended membership meetings, coordinated button/sticker displays, rallies outside bargaining sessions and petitions to management. Nurses have been preparing for additional activities, including scheduling a vote to authorize the bargaining team to call for informational picketing.

It is precisely because we have demonstrated strength and unity that MWMC has withdrawn the reviled Article 25, which was the proposal allowing management unchecked control over nurse health and retirement benefits. The recommended proposed tentative agreement is for 1 year and includes:

  • Maintenance of retirement and health benefits under existing terms of the new contract for length of the contract
  • Wage increase of 1.4 %

A bargaining update meeting is scheduled for January 11th, 0730-1800 in the Willamette Room,McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center. You are encouraged to come get more details of the tentative agreement, as well as, a ratification vote to be scheduled.

Management negotiators were greeted by more than 75 nurses who lined the hallway to the bargaining room on January 7th, expressing their opposition to the regressive proposals.

November 25, 2009

A second round of negotiations was held November 18 & 19. The hospital gave the ONA team the majority of their proposals for 2009. Most are minor language or name changes to wording in the contract.The most significant proposals are related to a new retirement and health insurance plan.

In the retirement plan employees working at the hospital for more than 10 years will lose money in their retirement account as compared to the current plan. Please see the independent analysis performed by Allison Investment LLC. The health insurance plan will also take money out of employee’s pockets as compared to the current plan. The most significant changes will happen to the Premium plan; but both plans would have increased co-payments and larger out-of-pocket maximums. See the health insurance proposal.

The last significant proposal is related to the hospitals proposal #25. Please look at the document with all the current proposals by the hospital. #25 would give CHS the right to change the health insurance plan and/or retirement plan mid contract without permission from ONA. In effect it takes the unions right to negotiate changes to the plans away. The language in #25 would allow CHS to change both the retirement and health plan the day after we ratified a contract and the union could do nothing during the term of the contract.

An informational meeting at MWMC is planned for December 11th for all MWMC nurses to ask questions and review current negotiations. A flier will be sent to all BU members stating the location and times.

November 18, 2009

Contract negotiations between ONA and MWMC have begun. Our first meeting was on November 12th. We are scheduled to meet again on November 18 &19.

The most significant contract items will be related to the hospitals new retirement and health insurance proposals. As of this date we do not have the official retirement and health insurance plans. An analysis of tentative retirement plan changes has been preformed to identify the financial impact to BU members. As more information is obtained by the bargaining team, we will communicate the changes to all members.

The ONA team has narrowed its proposals to a few language changes, so that we can focus on the retirement and health insurance proposals. The most significant language changes proposed by the ONA team are related to Low Census language: 12. we are proposing to add "or four (4) hours of time-and-a-half pay at their regularly scheduled hourly rate” as an option for low census errors made by the hospital; 12.2 we are proposing to eliminate 8 hour shifts from this article.

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